Patients are getting benefits from Sri Sathya Sai University’s Covid Center

Dr Sunil Kapoor Has Done this Bhopal | RKDF Group is playing an important role in keeping the public welfare and society safe with the best facilities during the Corona pandemic. In this episode, as per the instructions of Group Chairman Dr Sunil Kapoor, a Covid Center was set up at Sri Sathyasai University of Technology and Medical Sciences. This COVID Center is an integral part of the University’s School of Medical Sciences, which is situated in a clean and green environment in the natural environment. Dr Kapoor said that this centre has a team of experienced doctors and paramedical staff with the facility of 100 oxygenated beds and 2 ventilators for the patients. Let us tell you that Dr Sunil Kapoor has been striving for the welfare of the people since the beginning of the Covid epidemic and various works have been successfully completed by him. As a result, more than 40 patients from this Covid centre have recovered and gone to their homes. Not only this, the operation of the hospital and Covid centre is being done according to the guidelines set by the government. Ayushman scheme has also been included from 18 May 2021 for the convenience of patients. The patients admitted to the centre said that they are being provided with the best facilities and the positive activities of the campus have given them mental strength. Here hygienic recommended diet and hot drinks (decoction) are also provided to the patients as per their requirement.