RKDF Dental College is conducting dental treatment for all the underprivileged sections of society, especially during the current COVID-19 period during the month of June 20-21

The college is the brainchild of the respected President Dr. Sunil Kapoor Sir, who has been vital support and a constant source of encouragement since its inception.
The Chairman’s Vision “Oral Health for All” has been the motto of the college to provide successful treatment in all branches of dentistry, including free dentures for geriatric patients with removable orthodontic devices, interactive devices for children, free dental Minor oral surgical procedures, including implants and root, are included. Canal treatment for the needy.
A total of 407 patients were benefitted during the month of June. Strict COVID 19 protocols and rules were followed while performing all dental procedures.
Dean Dr.MC Prashant thanked all the staff members for their support.
President Dr. Sunil Kapoor Sir, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kushwaha and CEO RKDF IST Group Mrs. Shikha Chaudhary have wholeheartedly congratulated the staff members of RKDF Dental College for their untimely efforts.