RKDF medical campus started a 60-bed separate ward for black fungus patients

RKDF Medical Campus has started 60-bed separate ward for black fungus patients. Startled by the sudden burst in the numbers of cases of black fungus (Mucormycosis) in the last few days, the Madhya Pradesh government announced to set up black fungus treatment units in medical colleges of Bhopal. The ward was inaugurated by Smt.Krishna Gaur (MLA). The ward has 30 beds for men and 30 beds for women.A special OT has also designed for the patients of black fungus. Dr.Sunil Kapoor Chairman RKDF Groupsaid that this ward will be dedicated to black fungus patients. A separate ward is established as these patients require experts as black fungus mostly initiates in the nose and ears and as patient immunity drops during the Covid-19, the infection attacks the system easily. Generally, diabetic patients are prone to this infection which also reaches to jaws and the brain. Those having headache or soreness in the throat should immediately report to a doctor.Smt. Krishna Gaur appreciated by saying RKDF medical hospital has done a good job by effortlessly helping the citizens in this Pandemic situation. . On this occasion Dr. Sunil KapoorChairman of RKDF Group, Dr. Sadhna Kapoor Chancellor of RKDF University, Mr. Siddharth Kapoor Managing Director of the Group, Mrs. Ruchi Kapoor Chairman Satya Sai Bank was present.