Minister Mr Vishwas Sarang inaugurates Oxygen Gas Plant at RKDF Medical Hospital, Bhopal with Dr Sunil Kapoor RKDF Bhopal

During this pandemic situation, Corona second wave there was a challenge regarding oxygen in the city, RKDF Medical Hospital took an initiative by setting up of Oxygen plant in the campus. Minister of Medical Education and Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Shri. Vishwas Kailash Sarang inaugurated the oxygen gas plant of 175 cylinder capacity setup in the RKDF Medical Hospital Campus. Mr. Sarang said that the oxygen is a major element in treating the second wave of corona. There is a limit to the production of liquid medical oxygen throughout the country; we decided that oxygen plant should be set up in different places in every district places and it every district headquarters.

Mr Sarang appreciated by saying RKDF medical hospital has done a good job by setting up an oxygen plant on its campus. On this occasion Dr Sunil Kapoor Chairman of RKDF Group, Dr Sadhna Kapoor Chancellor of RKDF University, Mr Siddharth Kapoor Managing Director of the Group, Mrs Ruchi Kapoor Chairman Satya Sai Bank was present.